04 April, 2012

English Drama Competition for Rembau District Secondary Schools 2012

Congratulations English Drama team! They were crowned as the Rembau District Drama champion yesterday and this winning enables SEMESRA to retain the Champion title for two consecutive years. 

The English Drama for Rembau secondary schools was held on 3rd April 2012 at Pusat Ko-kurikulum, Rembau. Six secondary schools in Rembau had participated in the competition.

The team with a drama entitled Unconditional Love had wowed the judges as well as the audience. Besides winning the Best Drama Performance award, the drama team had also won the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

the drama team

Best Actress: Iman Nur Natasha
Best Actor: Ahmad Hazmi Saibudin

Congratulations once again. Best of luck for the Negri level competition which will be held in May.