25 April, 2011

English Drama Competition Rembau District

Congratulations to the school's drama team for emerging as the district champion in the Secondary Schools English Drama Competition for Rembau District 2011.

The competition was held last Monday, on April 25th and SEMESRA was honoured to be the host for the competition. Eight schools had participated in the competition which started at 9 a.m.

some scenes from the participating schools

scenes from SEMESRA

While waiting for the judges to deliberate on the results, the audience was entertained by the school choral speaking team and choir.

choral speaking team


The prizes for the winners were given away by the Rembau District Education Officer, Datin Hjh. Naemah bt Ahmad Dahalan.

Results for the drama competition are as follows:

Champion: SEMESRA
First Runner up: SMK Agama Pedas
Second Runner up: SMK Agama Mohd Yatim
Consolation: SMK Undang Rembau
Best Actor: Character 'Satan' from SMK Agama Pedas

prize giving ceremony

Well done once again to the drama team. Best of luck for the state level competition which will be held at SM Agama Pedas soon.