10 May, 2012

State Level of English Language Carnival 2012

Yesterday, SEMESRA had successfully organised the State Level of English Language Carnival 2012. The Carnival was held on 7 and 9 May and it involved 3 competitions; Choral Speaking, Public Speaking and Debates.

some pictures of the choral speaking teams that took part in the carnival

the debaters

the public speakers

SEMESRA represented Rembau district in two competitions; Public Speaking and Choral Speaking. Congratulations to the school Choral Speakers for winning the Third Placing in the competition. Unluckily, we were not able to get any placing for the Public Speaking Competition.

Nevertheless, congratulations to both Choral Speakers and Public Speaker for the best effort shown during the competitions. And thank you to all staff and students of SEMESRA for making this event a successful one.

 the school team